The mission of Books for the Barrios is to strengthen public elementary school education worldwide and to provide access to quality education far all children, especially disadvantaged children in conflict areas.

Over the past three decades, Books for the Barrios has made a major impact on education development in many impoverished areas of the Philippines by providing teacher training and a character development/ citizenship program for American school children. Every dollar of your financial support is turned into approximately $100 worth of educational resources provided directly to the students and teachers who need it most.

 International Teacher Training Conventions

Volunteer American educators provide advanced training to thousands of rural educators at our National Teacher Training Conventions. Teacher training allows us the opportunity to directly influence the methods of teaching employed in the classroom. The impact of this professional development can be felt be thousands of school children.

International Model-of-Excellence Schools Program

 To date, we have transformed 70 severely underdeveloped barrio schools into complete learning institutions that set a new national standard. The BOOKS for the BARRIOS National “Model-of-Excellence Schools” Program was instituted by the Philippines Department of Education in 2001.

Hands-On Character Development Field Trip program for American Schoolchildren

Each year thousands of U.S. children take character development school field trips to our National Children’s Education Sharing Center in the east bay where they learn about their peers in the Philippines. The program stresses how children around the world are “just like them.” Prior to their fieldtrip children are asked to collect and bring with them picture books, toys and other educational resources. Our desire is to make this experience more meaningful to them by providing them an opportunity to give from our abundance in order to help others. As of June 2014, we are not conducting on-site field trips. We are no longer responsible for packing and shipping materials. Instead we will consult with groups so they can  pack and ship materials from anywhere.

Education Development Consulting Service

Each year, Books for the Barrios provides informal consulting services to approximately 40 individuals and organizations interested in replicating our model in U.S. cities and developing countries. We are happy to help you start a program in your community, or to serve a new community abroad.

Troop Support Program

Books for the Barrios works closely with American military forces in conflict areas by sharing our resources to advance their local humanitarian aid projects. We partner with the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the American Special Forces to fight poverty and promote peace in the war-torn areas. With Books for the Barrios logistic and training support, troops have rebuilt schools destroyed by insurgents, formed soccer leagues, hosted teacher training seminars, and created precious school libraries wherever communities suffer. These successful peace-promoting educational development missions have encouraged sustained local political support for public education while earning the trust and appreciation of the people.


This recycling program has helped the environment by diverting at least 300 tons of high quality books and learning materials from landfills each year. These recycled material help teachers and students in schools abroad.  For several years, Books for the Barrios had a National Tree Raising Environmental Education Program (TREE), which required each pupil who receives donated educational materials to raise a mahogany tree to maturity.