Positive Feedback Of Our Work From Students And Teachers Keeps Us Going !

Here is a  letter of appreciation from a teacher in the Bayong Elementary School , Guindulman, Bohol in the Philippines sent to us in April 1991. ” I have the honor to inform you that we received the books you sent to us/our school last March 12, 1991. In this connection, I would like to let you know how happy we were upon receiving those books. We really appreciated your kindness and thoughtfulness.In return, please accept our heartfelt thanks and prayers for the happiness of you and all the people behind ” Books for the Barrios”. We promise to take care of those books/materials so that more and more children can be benefitted from them. Again, thank-you very much.”

 What she says has been echoed time and again over the last twenty -three years not only by kids and teachers in the Philippines but also by children here who have been a part of our … Project of the Heart.

From 1991 till date we have received hundreds of letters like this from teachers and students both here and in the Philippines thanking us, appreciating our work and giving us a positive feedback of our work. Here are some more examples:

(from 4th grade student who came for his class fieldtrip – Jan 2002)

Dear Nancy…

 I learned that I’m a very lucky person.  To help kids who need it makes me feel important.

I feel very lucky to live in a rich country.  I can be clean, get a great education and get a nice job.  But after this field trip I know that a lot of kids can’t have most of that.  But now, I found a way to help.

This field trip made me feel important.  Now I feel that kids of the Philippines have an opportunity to grow up and find their passions.  When I boxed the books I left feeling proud to help.

(from a Third Grade Teacher Mactan Elementary Model of Excellence Elementary school, Philippine)

I THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. Even if we just met for a short while, you have renewed my commitment to my profession and helped me realize how crucial and vital a teacher can be in the child’s being.

(Kids positive feedback)

You made me learn that one person can make a difference.  I have never met another person that has as much passion for helping people.  I rediscovered how lucky we are to live here.

I appreciate the pineapple and dried mango.  I have learned the Philippine girls have a fashion show.  I hope that there isn’t another storm.  I would not change the kids mind.  I am going to tell everyone I know about Books for the Barrios.  This field trip made me feel happy!

 It is words like these that give us a thumbs up and help us continue our effort to bring quality education to the deprived communities.

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