Field Trips Benefit The Local Community

We offer field trips for children in the San Francisco East Bay.  These field trips benefit the local community while helping needy children abroad.  We involve U.S. school children in activities that provide real help to others.  Their participation helps break the cycle of poverty.  It also promotes awareness of poor conditions in other countries.  The local children directly support improvements in education for needy children.

Our field trips have impacted tens-of-thousands of American schoolchildren.  The field trips are based upon a  California State standard learning unit.  The focus is on the promotion of peace, human rights and the environment.  Our Filed Trips promote character development through hands-on  activities.

Our field trips provide a significant benefit to the environment.  Our volunteers learn to organize their communities to re-use rather than trash.  Since incorporation in 1990, we have delivered over fourteen million books that otherwise would have been trashed.

During the field trips the local children collect and package books and other learning materials.  These supplies are then distributed to needy children by our troops as they build local schools while on deployment on the frontiers of conflict around the globe.

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