Books Not Bombs

Books for the Barrios is an international non-government organization that specializes in conflict area rehabilitation. Its education development program, instituted nation-wide by the Philippine Department of Education, has executed civil-military humanitarian operations in the Philippines for 30 years. BOOKS for the BARRIOS has recently established a comprehensive humanitarian aid partnership with the Armed Forces of the Philippines Civil Relations Service Command (AFP-CRS), under the auspices of the Office of the President.

The program seeks to advance soft operation poverty fighting through education, by means of direct logistic assistance, as a primary, formal military strategy to promote peace in the most critical areas of the Mindanao Region. The pact establishes a seamless pipeline for the transfer of thousands of tons of high-quality education resources sourced by Books for the Barrios from America, through the AFP-CRS, to deprived, depressed, underserved public schools throughout the Philippines.

When American Special Forces operators began to deploy to the theater in 2006, Books for the Barrios, having conducted extensive educational aid programs continuously in the area for decades, immediately inaugurated a wide-ranging close combat support liaison with our soldiers downrange. Over the ensuing nine years, 200 tons of school supplies have been delivered directly to Philippine and American military units who have completed aggressive civic development projects in the villages they protect.

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